About me – 7 Deadly Facts


1. When I was born, I was several days overdue and had to be induced to come out; and I still think it was a mistake! After having two boys, my mother really wanted a baby girl, to be called Helen; and when I finally arrived, my parents toyed with calling me Alan – a narrow escape!

2. I’ve never really liked wearing clothes and would be happy going naked, climatic conditions and society permitting. Failing that, abolish trousers.

3. At the age of six I was moved up a year at school for being disruptive. After that I was always the youngest student in my class. But after the age of 14 or so, I would say most of my education was a complete waste of time for everyone concerned. Most important things, I learned outside the classroom.

4. There is no God, but I have no problem with those who think there might be, provided they keep their delusions to themselves.

5. I have often indulged in alcohol, cigarettes, sex and drugs – but never had a problem going without any of them. Meat is tricky though – and music is a very powerful addiction!

6. If I had the wherewithal, apart from running a Real Rock Radio station, I’d like to set up classic cinemas showing vintage movies they way they were meant to be seen.

  1. In the 21st century, with most scientific & technological problems solved, I believe distribution of resources and protecting the planet are the most pressing problems. It’s absolutely scandalous that half the world is struggling to make ends meet, if not actually starving, while the other half are flogging themselves to death with too much (mostly needless) work. QED!


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